Happy new year London 2005

I was only bringing my little Dimagex50 (which I normally never get along with apart from the filming) on this very special evening when I was about to meet my friend Corin from South Africa which I had not seen for 3 years. My choice of camera was partly due to wanting to be free and light and not think in terms of images for once. But I realized, that with Corin my brain goes PHOTOGRAPHY and not even the heaviest full-format camera would feel heavy to carry with her in my surrounding. She just makes me see so much.
My choice of camera luckily didnt matter this evening anyway, I succedeed with catching the dreamy energic, ambience at London Eye.

In the good old days when I first started to know Corin she was a passionated alternative-processing photograhy-girl, printing on 24 carat goldleaves and she completely took my breath away when she introduced me to her world of creative-processing. She kicked my bum full of inspiration and flow and ever since I left SA I have been longing to see that sparkle she had in her eyes again. And here we are, finally gooing crazy with our cameras again, a lovely reunion, a symbolic time of year.
Joyeux Noel!

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  1. Anonymous säger:

    Jag kan ju inte låta bli att förundras och imponeras av din energi. Att du bara hinner med – hoppas att någon hinner med dig.
    God fortsättning och kom gärna och hälsa på. Med eller utan film.

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