Crosscountry-skiing,  Natur,  Rattsjöberg,  Skidor

Skiing into sunset

Back in my magic winter wonderland ❄️and took the monday afternoon off and went crosscountry-skiing in one of our local skiresorts.⛷️
The beautiful Hovfjället just 12 minutes from my home. 

It was tired and skied slowly. It was -12 degrees celsius and fresh windswept snow. The tracks were amazing and just a few hours old. 
The upphills on the 10km-track were so steep and long, but it’s always worth it once you get to glide downhill.

We have so many skitracks for croscountry-skiing in our area but Hovfjället is really my favourite. You have a constant view of blue mountains and a big sky around and magic trees since it’s located in a nature reserve. 
My biggest recommendations. This place is so dear to me.