New York, Resa

NEW YORK CITY february 2005

Four of theese

images of art are taken in Moma, modern museum of Art, NY. The galloping horse is taken by Étienne-Jules Marey in 1893. The ideea of the image came from the wild discussion if a galloping horse always have one foot on the ground. They needed a provement, voila, the ideéa of a photograph as the TRUTH were born.

The white horse with the white man is a Diego Riviera (Frida Kahlos love) painting, the naked boy is an early Picasso and the colorful market a Chagall.
The funny thing is that theese were the only images I shot in Moma that day, I considered them to be my favorites in the hole museum, and, when I got home I discovered something. What did I discover?

-That they are all images of horses. Some passions cant be washed away. They can only be taken care of.

So, Why NY?
Finally me and Fredrik decided to go to NY for the only purpose of the exploration of ART and B&H PHOTO (by far the biggest photography-store in the world, fantastic, a real ”tomteverkstad”) for 10 hole days. This was very important for Fredrik. He was worried that I would dissapear into the fog of socializing and forget about our ART-deal, but I promised I would stay calm by his side.
Our trip showed up to be slightly different.
By having a friend called Steffan Olausson Partridge in NY there is no time for such things as strolling in artgallerys. First of all you have to meet Steffans family, most of them located on Long Island or in the greek area called Astoria. Fantastic family, such warmth, such pure enjoyment and hospitality. Steffans sweet sister Nadine opened up the doors for us and let us stay in her home.
Before you can even think of seeing some galleries you must respect Steffans greek rules. You have to visit the familys and friends restaurants, located all over town, but a few real cool ones in Meat packing district. Then you have to join them on the familydinner out on Long Island where a vodkaimporter from Polen wants to fill you with the most softblended vodka in the world while he is telling you real ghoststories that really creeps up into your mind. Then you have to join to some nightclubs, where it shows up that 80% of the guests are relatives to Steffan and Nadine.
Then you will find out that 10 days is maybe enough to see NY-city, but its far to short if you are a friend of Steffan. By knowing Steffan we had the key, free entrance and VIP-lounge to the REAL New York.
Thank you family Partridge.

And concerning Fredriks worries for to much sozializing they all came true. It would have been strange othervise. Luckely Steffan was working during the days so we could slip into the city and get astonished over all the shitty gallerys, the cold freezing air (one day -17 degrees celcius), the huge big skyscrapes and the extreme warm atmosphere of B&H Photo.