Om Helena H


Im Helena H. I have photographed my hole life. I have attended over 100 weddings, I have been portraying people and nature in almost 30 years.

I love telling stories with my camera, and especially do I love to portrait woman but also lifestyle, adventures, health, beautiful places, flowing dresses and green gardens.

People tell me, I never look good on photographs, then I answer them that they havent been photographed by the right person yet.

For me there is beauty everywhere.

Im based in the countryside in Värmland, Sweden but I love to travel all over.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wanna have your image taken, or if you want to have a hole portfolio, or if there is anything else we can create togheter.

Life is beautiful.

Send me a message or an sms and I come back to you +46703280969.

Loads of love

/ Helena H


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