Korsika, Resa

Corsica august 2005

In the end of every summer we try to make a little trip with Fröknarna Fräs. This summer we went to Corsica.
The trip became a real special one, for me almost spiritual. It turned out to be some sort of creol-pot with the best ingridiens you can find, spiced with the finest herbs and spices in the world. My friends was the ingrediens, the beauty of Corsica the spices. My only purpose LIFE.

My trip to Corsica didnt stop on the airport in Oslo, it kept on living inside me like a vibrating lovestory. My mind had a taste of something in Corsica and my mind wanted more of that and it still wants more. We will see where this ends, I just had my very first dates with Corsica. I fell in love, and im still falling.

The tree in blue,
the ride in brown
the lady in green.