Pregnant woman, another saint

I have never been pregnant, but pregnancy is probably one of my favorite motives to photograph. It is something about feeling complete, magic, fullfilled, or if nothing else stuffed. I was happy I was able to catch her, she was one week over time. Katrin is not an obvious saint, and perhaps and because of that she is one.

First time I met Katrin was 8 years ago and she was roving a boat in a harbour. She was really one of the faster rowers I ever seen. Thats one of the bigger memories I have from that time. Katrin rowing a little boat fast as if she would be in a competition. She was living on a pirateship in Las Galletas in Spain. I could never ever have imagined at that moment that I would photograph that speedy little rower pregnant 8 years later. The hole story is pregnant with a saintly craziness.