Bojana, Cap Verde, Muse, Porträtt, Stil

A truly beautiful person is one who is good at discovering beauty.

 Bojana is one of the most sparkling people I met. She can take just any item, like this manjacket she found in a secondhandshop. Change it a bit (like the lining) and turn it into the most stylish item. Or the silkskirt she wears as a dress underneath. She finds beauty anywhere.
And the truly unique flowers in her hair and her earrings made by her mother

How I love her energy and vibrant way of beeing

 Living, searching, talking
In many ways I feel like theese images are some of the best ones I ever taken.
Its the line I want to keep
or maybe its just Bojana who could visualize my wishes
and dance infront of my camera
I wrote this post in english so Bojana could understand. Hope you are alright with that.
Love /Helena